New Packet Radio NPR-H 2.0


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Product number: H10001
Product information "New Packet Radio NPR-H 2.0"

New Packet Radio Modem Version 2.0

for long-range 70cm band HAMNET connections with up to 7W output Power. 

I was amazed by the work of F4HDK. And as a ham radio guy who was active in packet radio in 1999 and the years beginning of 2000s I wanted to have something faster. HAMNET is nice, but you cannot have that long range transmissions as on 2m or 70cm bands. The NPR-H modem is compatible with F4HDK's firmware and can be used for ham radio guys as a standalone long range communication bridge, entrance to ham radio, bridge between networks, etc.

What is New Packet Radio?
  • Bi-directional IP over radio link  (no AX.25 despite the name “packet radio”)
  • 70cm Frequency band - much easier to use / reaches longer distances than 2.4GHz or 5.6GHz (Hamnet).
  • Transparent TCP bridge over 70cm
  • 100% Open-Source Firmware
  • Special modulation and codes to operate in Germany with 100 kbps
  • Already many NPR master nodes in operation

All-in-one Hardware
  • Up to 7 Watts output power @ 70cm
  • SRAM 1024K
  • Low noise amplifier and TRX
  • Raw datarate: 110 kbps to 1 Mbps
  • Compatible to NPR firmware from F4HDK
  • Successor of NPR-H, see CQ DL 3-2021 and CQ DL 3-2022
  • Fits into standard commercial aluminium enclosure
  • Design by DO5DSH, Ortsverein O28

Technical Specification
Output Power:    
+38 dBm typ.
LNA Gain:    
13 dB
RF Connector:    
Frequency Range:
360 - 535 MHz, optimized for 70 cm ham radio band
Power consumption   
170mA @ 12V, up to 1.5 A in TX
Power supply    
12V -16V DC
Designed for   
AKG 71 24 100 ME
AKG 71 28 100 ME
AKG 71 32 100 ME

New Packet Radio Modem NPR-H 2.0 PCB, flashed, tested and pre-configured. Enclose not included - please order separately.